Monday, April 27, 2009

Where's the Power Point?

We are using a "presentation blog" instead of Power Point! This will model the transformations we are going to discuss:


  • Paper-Centric

  • Static and singular

  • Serial - not scrollable

  • Non-Interactive

Blogs, Slideshare and Prezi

  • Web-Native

  • Active-Simple Updating

  • Fast and easy scrolling

  • Interactive (open to input from selected group or worldwide readers)

  • Syndicated worldwide instantly via RSS
It's pointless - a brief essay on practicing what we preach

Slide Share - a Web 2.0 framework for ppt

One can put .ppt into a Web 2.0 framework!

SlideShare provides a free online site for .ppt
  • Auto-timed presentation
  • Narrated PowerPoints
  • Full Screen presentation
  • Comments are supported
The Education Section provides many resources

Even the White House is using SlideShare to distribute speeches and announcements:


Slidecasting 101
View more webinars from Jonathan Boutelle.

Power and Reach of Blogs and Micro-Blogs

Blogs (name created by combining weB + LOG) have been around since 1997. They are the cornerstone of Web 2.0.

Two new blogs are created every second!
  • A culture of blogs - the blogosphere
  • Hyperlink in each title
  • Micro-blogs limited to 140 characters for texting
  • Twitter is most popular of micro-blogging sites

Online Learning Update blog -top returns on Google for online learning
Educational Technology blog -top returns on Google for educational technology
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You can create slides in ppt and upload to a blog

Sample Presentation Blogs

Here are some sample presentation blogs:

All are available permanently online.

All can be updated from the web.

All are open to discussion and comments.

Creating a Presentation Blog

Creating a presentation blog is simple:
  1. Create a blog ( has a WYSIWYG editor)
  2. Enable comments and comment moderation
  3. Begin posting!
  4. Edit "post options" to arrange order by date/time

It is as simple as that.

Prezi - Web native, animated, full canvas

Prezi is a presentation that has key elements that .ppt does not:
  • It is Web native, but can also stand alone
  • It is animated (though can be over-animated!), giving life to "dead" presentations
  • It provides the whole canvas so that others may re-order or see in broad perspective

New features and functionalities are being added all the time

Sample Prezi

Other Great Alternatives to .ppt

We have highlighted three excellent alternatives that add functionality, interactivity and Web acess to Power Point.

There are many others!

Here are some you may already be using:

Google Docs Presentations

  • It's Free!
  • It's Web native
  • It has comment capability for interaction


  • It's Free!
  • It's Web native
  • It has complete edit capability - comment can be built-in


  • It's no longer free, but an inexpensive version is available
  • It's Web native
  • It creates a social network with plenty of options for forums and comments


  • It's not free, but relatively inexpensive
  • It's Web native
  • It enables written, voice and video comments

Lincoln Gettysburg Address (in Power Point)

Moving from PPT to Web 2.0


Static PowerPoint misses the Web 2.0 point!

  • World-wide distribution
  • Interaction and engagement
  • Living, learning documents

There are ways to achieve these ends:

  • Use the power and reach of the blogosphere
  • Use the interactive power of SlideShare
  • Use the visual power of Prezi

Empower your presentations to:

  • Engage in interaction
  • Reach the world
  • Evolve and expand

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